The gym and fitness business is an increasingly crowded market, with an extensive network of well-established industry giants making life tricky for independent firms in both the budget and luxury space.

So when three fitness-loving entrepreneurs decided to launch FLY Fitness, a brand-new luxury boutique gym in central Bath in summer 2019, it was vital that FLY made an instant impact. The new concept was exciting, with FLY standing for ‘First Love Yourself’, and a philosophy that training should be empowering while maintaining an important social element. 

With the combined energy of the founders and a prime location secured, there was a lot of hope that FLY would really take off. However, the success of FLY would heavily depend on its ability to quickly attract and secure memberships. With that in mind, Peppermint was appointed as part of the launch team – and we were ready to hit the ground running.

We collaborated closely with the founders of FLY and began by developing a marketing strategy that focused on driving memberships. We managed the marketing budget on behalf of FLY and identified the key areas where this budget would achieve maximum impact. 

An initial focus on local print and advertising channels gave us a cost-effective way of reaching our target audience to drive sign-ups. We then rolled out a series of digital marketing campaigns to promote the FLY philosophy and further develop the brand. We created a series of compelling videos to showcase what could be expected from each of the ‘Flow’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Force’ classes. This gave the trainers a platform to introduce themselves in an authentic and personal way.

We shaped the website strategy to ensure that the premium nature of the brand was reflected in the same way online as in the physical gym itself. This tied in with an email marketing campaign which engaged with new and prospective members, giving them useful tips to maximise the full benefits of Membership. We played a key role in defining the commercial proposition, and helped shape the membership pricing structure to attract new sign-ups while ensuring the business was profitable. We implemented a ‘refer your friend’ incentive scheme, encouraging members to play a pivotal role in building out the FLY community.

Despite opening in early July, typically the quietest time of year for indoor gym and fitness businesses, we smashed the initial membership target by achieving over 50% of the annual target in just three months.

As a result of this initial success, the FLY team have expedited the process of hiring their extended training team. They have had to quickly review and adapt their timetable, laying on additional classes to keep up with demand.

Following an extensive handover and training from the Peppermint team, the FLY team is now handling their social strategy and channels. We’re excited to see FLY continue to soar in 2020.

“Peppermint really helped us with the launch of our business, right from defining our brand and marketing strategy, through to the execution and delivery of our website and social platforms”.

Richard CampbellOwner, Fly Fitness