Since Pasture opened its doors in February 2018, food and music enthusiasts alike have been treated to an exhilarating experience.

It’s a visceral sensation from the moment you walk through the door – the horned cow’s head on the wall, joints of meat hanging in dry-ageing cabinets and an open kitchen giving off sumptuous smells through a haze of flames, smoke and steam. Yet for a restaurant that takes pride in the quality of both its food and service, the online experience was a disappointment. A website with a lack of useful information about private hire and upcoming events, coupled with a clunky booking system with a high bounce rate, meant that Pasture was losing out on potential customers and revenue.

The lack of a marketing strategy resulted in poor communication between Pasture and its customers, meaning the restaurant was missing the chance to boost advocacy and promote its impressive programme of concerts and events. Peppermint was tasked with bringing the Pasture brand to life outside of the restaurant space and implementing a marketing strategy to drive additional revenue.

We built a bespoke, responsive website on WordPress, with a streamlined booking system, and implemented a targeted email marketing campaign. 

A key aspect of our strategy was ensuring that time spent on the website felt the same as being in the restaurant itself. We created a film for the home page that takes visitors on a journey through the restaurant, giving them the feeling that a steak and a cocktail are just moments away. We showcased upcoming events through a ‘What’s on’ page and created additional revenue streams through the creation of an online gift voucher and a distinct section dedicated to private hire. We implemented a new booking system to give Pasture the tools and mechanism to effectively manage customer data, while giving customers the opportunity to opt in to receive useful promotional communication around seasonal events and upcoming live music.

We created a series of welcome newsletters based around Pasture’s ‘Fire, Meat, Music’ and used this as an opportunity to further enhance the brand. We then applied an automated system which allowed all new customers to receive the newsletters once they have signed up. Each newsletter focuses on a different aspect of the restaurant’s values of ‘Fire, Meat, Music’, showcasing the passion of the team, the quality of the local meat suppliers and the vital role played by the exciting musicians who perform at the venue.

Pasture’s digital transformation has been a roaring success. In the first three months from the launch of the new website, online bookings increased by 18%, driving a sizeable increase in revenue to the restaurant.

The new booking system has seen bounce rate decrease by 32%, and the fully optimised website has resulted in a major increase in traffic, now receiving in excess of 20,000 hits a month. The series of newsletters have been extremely well received, resulting in an impressive 52.4% open rate, compared with the industry average of 18%. The newsletters have achieved a 15% click-through rate against the industry average of 3%, proving the value of supplying the audience with rich and useful content.

The success of the newsletters has played a key role in the commercial strategy of the restaurant. For example, in a bid to increase lunchtime bookings, we created a ‘lunch focus newsletter’ which had an immediate impact and saw lunch reservations increase by over 25%. Peppermint’s relationship with Pasture continues to strengthen and we are working on the exciting launch of the Cardiff restaurant, due to open in March 2020. We’ve already expanded the community of advocates to Cardiff, with hundreds of people already signed up to receive the latest news and information around the launch.

As we get closer to opening time in the Welsh capital, we’ll be further evolving the website and newsletter with location-based content – an intelligent way of giving Pasture’s loyal customer base the relevant information they need to keep coming back for more.

“We have worked with Peppermint on various projects over the last couple of years. They have always been extremely responsive and a real pleasure to work with!”.

Sam ElliottOwner, Pasture Restaurant